Etera is an expert partner through all stages of working life

Etera is a mutual employment pension insurance company. We provide pension cover for employees and self-employed persons and we promote well-being at work.

Earnings-related pension insurance is part of the Finnish social security system. All employees and self-employed people are covered by the statutory earnings-related pension scheme.

We insure the employment relationships of employees across various sectors in accordance with the Employees Pensions Act (TyEL). Pension security for the self-employed is looked after in accordance with the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act (YEL). 

Our customers include companies, organisations, entrepreneurs, private households, employees and pensioners. We are jointly owned by the policyholders, the insured and the holders of the guarantee capital.

Responsibility is at the core of Etera’s activities

The provision of pensions and investing the pension funds accrued for such provision is a statutory task. In its operations, Etera’s responsibility extends to its owner-customers and personnel, and to its many stakeholders and society as a whole.

Measured in terms of pension recipients, we are the third largest pension company in Finland.

Etera’s employees are customer-oriented experts

Customers receive good service at Etera. Year after year, our customer satisfaction has remained at a very high level. Our customers praise

  • the ease and convenience of our insurance services
  • friendly customer service
  • our expertise and competence