Our fundamental value is responsibility

​​​Etera's statutory task is to provide pension security and invest the pension funds accrued for such provision. The cornerstones of Etera's business are respect for the customer and responsibility.

We invest pension assets diversely and for the long term. Investing responsibly creates work and security. Etera's solvency is the basis for good investment returns and competitive client bonuses. Etera is committed to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

In our real-estate investments we are committed to promoting sustainability and ecoefficiency. Etera is a member of Green Building Council Finland, which promotes sustainable construction. Our newest construction sites have been granted LEED environmental certification. Etera's head office is a Green Office approved by World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

At Etera, responsibility is everyone's concern

Etera's operations take into account the company's customers and personnel, as well as its many stakeholders and all of society.

Corporate responsibility is a part of normal activities and management. Corporate responsibility at Etera is steered by the Board of Directors, the Managing Director, the Executive Group, and the division managers. A systematic management system, employee engagement and the leaders acting as an example are the hallmarks of responsible leadership.

Etera's ethical principles guide personnel to act responsibly and in accordance with the company's values. Through its rules on responsible engagement, Etera stresses the responsibility of every Etera employee through their actions.

Responsible operations are ensured through internal control

The Board of Directors and the Executive Group assess regularly how well the set targets have been achieved. Etera's internal control systems ensure efficient, economical, reliable and responsible operations.