Products and services

Etera offers companies, organisations, entrepreneurs and households statutory earnings-related pension insurance and related insurance, as well as pension and wellbeing-at-work services.

Etera provides insured employees with pension coverage and services for maintaining their work capacity. Financial services for companies are also offered by Etera.

Earnings-related pension insurance

Employers report most of the data required for taking care of their employees’ insurance matters via Etera’s web service at The service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Etera’s clients can use the international Maxis network to take care of insurance matters for their employees who work abroad. Maxis allows Etera to offer its customers international insurance contacts and information on the social security and insurance cover of different countries.

Wellbeing-at-work services

We provide our client companies with wellbeing-at-work services that help develop the work community, leadership and the work capacity of their personnel. Etera’s goal is to lengthen the careers of people of all ages and to reduce the risk of work incapacity.

Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is another option for extending people’s careers. An employee or self-employed person insured with Etera can apply for rehabilitation in the event of decreased work capacity.

Rehabilitation is supported by means of, for example, work trials, job coaching and learning a new profession.

Being accepted into vocational rehabilitation requires at least five years of gainful employment in Finland.


Etera pays out pensions based on work careers to several hundred thousand pensioners. Pension payments are made once a month.


Etera invests the assets used to cover pension security. Etera’s investments target the highest and most stable return possible.

The main guidelines for investment activities are determined in the investment policy approved by Etera’s Board of Directors annually.