Secure, productive and responsible investments

​​​​Etera is responsible for investment assets of more than EUR 6.0 billion. We invest pension assets securely, profitably and responsibly.

The majority of the pension payments made by employers and employees are used to pay out pensions. Part of the assets is invested for future pensions. Etera’s goal is to gain a return on the earnings-related pension assets under its control that is as high and stable as possible.

Finnish investments make up 40 per cent of Etera’s portfolio

We believe in a well-diversified portfolio. 

Of Etera’s investments, 40 per cent have been made in Finland. Etera primarily invests in the domestic market through private equity and debt and real estate investments.

The main guidelines are determined in the investment policy

The main guidelines for investment activities are determined in the investment policy approved by Etera’s Board of Directors annually.

The investment policy describes the administrative structure, authorisations, technical provisions and solvency management. The setting and limitation of the risk level are the key parts and form the foundation for the investment strategy.

We invest pension funds responsibly

Etera is committed to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. We focus on good governance both in our investments and in our operations. We also analyse our investments from social and environmental perspectives.