Pension taxation

​​​​Earnings-related pension is taxable income. You need a tax card for your pension.

How to request a tax card?

You can request a tax card by calling the Finnish Tax Administration at tel. 029 497 000 or +358 29 497 000 (from abroad) or you can calculate and order a tax card directly from the tax authority at

You can also go to the tax office and get a tax card. When visiting the tax office, remember to bring with you the pension decision as well as information on your income and income tax deducted at source in your year of retirement. The tax office will send the tax card directly to Etera.

If your tax percentage is not at Etera’s disposal when the pension is paid, we will withhold tax on your pension at the rate of 40 %. We will refund the excess tax to you after we have received your tax percentage from the tax office.

We will communicate the pension taxation information directly to the tax authority annually, which means that pension income is not declared in the tax return. In subsequent years we will receive your tax percentage directly from the tax authority.

If you live outside Finland, you need not request a tax card yourself; we will do it for you.