Applying for a pension

​​​​Following the pension reform, the retirement age for old-age pension will be increased after 2017 by three months per year until the lower limit for old-age pension is 65 years. These new age limits apply to those born in or after 1955.

People born in 1954 or earlier can retire on old-age pension between the ages of 63 and 68.

Apply for old-age pension

Old-age pension must be applied for. In order to receive old-age pension you must also terminate your employment relationship.
If you are a self-employed person you need to end your YEL insurance. Receiving old-age pension will not require terminating your self-employment. If you wish, you can take out voluntary YEL insurance.

We will process your pension application at Etera if your earnings for the last two years were primarily insured with Etera. One pension institution will make the pension decision and pay your pension in its entirety. If your most recent earnings-related pension insurance was with Etera, you can send your pension application to Etera.

Earnings-related pension and national pension are applied for using the same form.

How to apply for a pension?

  • You can calculate your pension estimate yourself using the pension calculator in Etera’s Oma eläke (My Pension) service. You can log in to the service using your personal online bank codes. This service is available at (in Finnish). You can also request a pension estimate from the Pension Information Service.
  • Agree with your employer on the termination of your employment relationship once you know when you wish to retire. Old-age pension can start at the earliest in the beginning of the month following the termination of your employment relationship.
  • Apply for the pension about two months before you wish the pension to start. The pension application is easily available online. You can fill in and print out the application.
  • Send the application directly to Etera.

Old-age pension can also be applied for online

You can also apply for old-age pension and early old-age pension online at To use the application function, you need online bank codes or the Population Register Centre’s chip card. The service provides you with instructions on how to fill in the application.

Applying for disability pension

​You are always required to attach a ‘B’ medical statement to your disability pension and partial disability pension applications. When applying for the cash rehabilitation benefit, you need a plan on the treatment or rehabilitation measures.

Your treating physician always has to establish lowered work ability and fill out the ‘B’ medical statement for disability pension. The pension company will process the disability pension application, taking into account every issue that affects whether or not the pension will be granted.

Disability pension and partial disability pension are applied for using the disability pension application form. The same application form is also used to apply for the cash rehabilitation benefit or partial cash rehabilitation benefit and national pension.

Applying for survivors’ pension

A separate application form is filled in for each survivors’ pension applicant. Survivors’ pension is applied for using the survivors’ pension application form. When applying for child’s pension, a child’s pension application form must be filled in separately for each child. Both the forms need to be filled out, even if the pension is solely for a child. Survivors’ pension should be applied for within six months of the death of the primary beneficiary, because survivors’ pension is not paid retroactively for a longer period without specific grounds.

Applying for partial old-age pension

When you plan to retire on partial old-age pension fill in and send the partial early old-age pension application to Etera.

In deviation of the part-time pension in force before 2017, the pension does not involve pay or working hours monitoring. You are entitled to partial old-age pension also when you receive unemployment allowance.

Pension and working abroad

You can apply for pension accrued from work carried out abroad in the usual way through Etera, if your country of employment is an EU or EEA country, Switzerland or a country with which Finland has concluded a bilateral social security agreement. Finland has concluded a social security agreement with the Nordic countries, the United States, Canada, Chile, Israel and Australia.

If you have worked in a country that is not a member of the EU or the EEA and with which Finland has not concluded a social security agreement, the pension you have accrued will not automatically be paid to you in Finland. However, you should have your specific case evaluated.

For additional information, please contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions.