What is a pension record?

​​​​The pension record is a list of all earnings and other benefits for which pension accrues.

You can get it by mail every third year to the address that is registered for you in the Population Register, or online whenever you want to. The record is sent by the pension provider that has insured your latest employment.

The pension record includes data on all of your earnings from employment contracts and from possible self-employment up to the end of the previous year. Data from the last year will show on the record next year. The record also includes data on social security benefits for which your pension has accrued. The record does not list employments abroad. The pension record also includes an estimate of your accrued pension.

Pension records are available only in Finnish or Swedish.

Who receives a pension record?

The posting schedule of the pension record depends on your date of birth. In 2016, the pension record is sent to persons born in January-April.

Pension accrual records will be sent to 18–67-year-olds residing in Finland who are or have at some time been employed or self-employed in the private sector.

Persons who are retired (except for part-time pensioners) and persons living abroad do not receive a pension record.