Check your pension record

​​​​The pension record is sent to you so that you can check the information and correct possible false or deficient data. It´s important that the data is correct by the time you retire.

Check your employment history from the record and add possible missing information. Send the information that needs to be corrected to the pension insurance company that sent you the record.

If the data is correct you do not have to do anything.
Especially the oldest data should be checked without delay. The pension insurance company clarifies employment contracts on your request but data older than 6 years is corrected only if you include a testimonial, wage certificate or corresponding written data with your request for clarification.

What is the age limit for pension insurance?

The employer´s obligation to insure his or her employees starts as the employee turns 18. Correspondingly, pension starts to accrue for the employee at the age of 18. Before 2005 pension started to accrue at the age of 23. The new regulations apply only to those below the age of 23 in 2005 or later.