How to correct the information on the pension record?

​​​​If there are any deficiencies to be corrected on your pension record, please inform the Pension insurance company that sent you the record.

The pension provider will correct data that is not older than 6 years on your request. Regarding data older than that you have to present evidence in writing of the employment in question, or the earnings or the social benefit you have been granted.

Acceptable documents are verified copies of testimonials and wage certificates, a personal record, specified tax data and legally valid decisions of wage security authority and courts regarding wages and time of employment. For a social benefit a verified copy of the decision is required.

You can make your request by filling in the form, or electronically in the Internet. In order to sign in to the electronic service you need Internet banking identifiers or a chip I.D. card. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

You can ask our customer service about your pension record. Do not give out personal information or employment data by unprotected e-mail, in order to maintain data protection. 

When your request for correction has been processed, you will get a decision by mail.