Employees' pension insurance (TyEL)

​​​In Finland employers take out pension insurance for their employees. Earnings-related pension insurance is regulated by legislation. TyEL is short for the Finnish "työntekijän eläkelaki" – the Employees Pensions Act.

If you operate in Finland as a private-sector employer or as a household employer, legislation requires you to insure the people you hire according to the Employees Pensions Act.

Employees' pensions accrue based on the insurance premiums paid by the employer.


In brief: Earnings-related pension secures employees' income for old age and in case of disability. Other pension benefits include rehabilitation when there is a risk of disability. In addition, the spouse and underage children of employees are paid survivors' pension when death occurs. All in all, matters not to be taken lightly.

Do you need insurance contract?​​

You need insurance contract if you pay more than EUR 8,238​ in wages and salaries over a period of six months or if you continuously employ at least one person. You can easily find out what kind of insurance you require.

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If you are temporary employer and you hire an employee you must pay for his or her statutory earnings-related pension insurance (TyEL).

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Are you an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs and professionals must take out earnings-related pension security for themselves according to the Self-Employed Persons' Pensions Act (YEL). Entrepreneurs and companies bill for their work. Companies also belong to the Prepayment Register and have a business ID.

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