Earnings-related pension premiums

​2017 2016
TyEL premiums
​Employer with insurance contract *


25.10 %

24.60 %
​Temporary employer **
25.10 %

25.10 %
Employee's pension premium17–52 years​6.15 %5.70 %
53–62 years​7.65 %7.20 %
​63–67 years​6.15 %7.20 %

YEL premiums


18–52 years​24.10 %23.60 %
53–62 years​25.60 %25.10 %
​63–67 years​24.10 %​25.10 %
Starting entrepreneur
(22 % reduction)
18–52 years​18.80 %18.408 %
53–62 years​19.97 %19.578 %
​​63–67 years​​18.80 %​19.578 %

 * Permanent employees or payroll total at least € ​8,334.00 / 6 months.
** If the payroll does not exceed € 8,334.00 /6 months, or there are no permanent employees.

Client bonus and payment class for employer with insurance contract

Average client bonus that decreases the premium -0.5 % (2017).

If the payroll exceeded € 2 044,500 in 2015  the company's payment class and premium loss discount influence the premium. If the payroll exceeds € 5.0 million, the group discount also lowers the premium.

Penalty interest

If your payment of the pension insurance premium is delayed, we collect a 8.50 % annual penalty interest on the premium for the period 1 July 31 December 2016.

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​Client bonus

A client bonus is granted to Etera's clients with an insurance contract.

The calculation of the client bonus is based on:

  • the client's TyEL premiums for the previous year
  • the fund accrued from premiums paid to Etera over the duration of the client relationship.

Both have an equal impact on the client bonus, which means that half of the client bonuses is distributed on the basis of the TyEL premiums and half on the basis of the fund. 

Etera calculates the client bonus to be distributed in April. The client bonus for the current year is taken into account in the TyEL premiums for the current year.

 What about the client bonus for a new client?
The fund starts to accrue for the new client's insurance from the beginning of the insurance. The client bonus reduces the premium for the first time in the second year of insurance.

What factors influence the amount of Etera's client bonuses?
Client bonuses vary from one pension company to another. The factors influencing the client bonuses to be distributed to Etera's clients are investment returns, solvency and loading profit.

When will I be informed of the amount of the company's TyEL premium?

We will send you preliminary information on the next year's premium percentage in December.

The final itemised TyEL premium will be sent in February–April after the annual calculation has been completed.

TyEL technical interest rate

The technical interest rate is used to compound interest on the provisional premiums and the final TyEL premium.

The technical interest rate is the same for all pension companies. It is calculated based on the average solvency of the pension companies. The technical interest rate is confirmed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

What is the effect of the technical interest rate?
The TyEL premium is credited or debited with interest from the middle of the calender year to the due date. Provisional premiums falling due before 1 July are credited with the technical interest rate, which reduces the premium. An amount corresponding to the technical interest rate is added to provisional premiums falling due after June 30.