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You can easily obtain YEL insurance online. If you have valid insurance with another pension company, we will take care of the transfer for you.

Assess your YEL income

YEL income is an estimate of the value of the self-employed person's work contribution. Your YEL income is used to determine your pension premiums, entrepreneur's pension, daily sickness allowance and parental daily allowance. The amount of your YEL confirmed income also affects your eligibility for receiving part-time pension and unemployment allowance.

Tip! Don't save on your basic cover – make sure your YEL income estimate is at the correct level. And don't forget: YEL premiums are tax-deductible. With a YEL income of EUR 40,000, for example, the tax deduction reduces your premium by nearly 40 per cent.

Apply for YEL insurance with Etera

You need to take out YEL insurance no later than six months from the start of your self-employment activities.

Online: Application for YEL insurance

By mail: Fill in and print out a YEL insurance application, pdf

By phone: Our customer service is ready to assist you on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm, yel@etera.fi,
tel. +358 10 553 3060.

It is best to arrange YEL insurance immediately, as the insurance premiums will be charged from the start of the self-employment activities. If you fail to take out the insurance within six months, a penalty fee will be charged on the premiums.

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We will send you a welcome package that includes the insurance policy and terms and conditions. We will also send user IDs for our YEL and TyEL online insurance services to your email. You can immediately start using the services and, for example, print out various YEL certificates.

Frequently asked questions

Can a self-employed person have several YEL insurances?

No. A self-employed person can only have one YEL insurance policy, which covers all of the person's self-employment activities.

When determining and confirming YEL income, possible self-employment activities in several companies or sectors is also taken into account.

An exception to the single-insurance-policy principle is self-employment insured under MYEL (the Farmers' Pensions Act). These activities require separate insurance, to be taken out with the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution MELA.

Does a self-employed person need a business ID in order to qualify for YEL insurance?

You do not need a business ID to qualify for YEL insurance.

I am self-employed part-time, do I need to arrange YEL insurance?

Yes, you do, if your income exceeds the minimum limit. You can easily verify via our website whether you fall within the scope of YEL insurance.

I have arranged YEL insurance with another company, can I transfer it to Etera?

Yes, you can. Simply fill in the YEL insurance application, and we will terminate your current insurance for you.

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What if I take out insurance too late?

If a self-employed person does not take out insurance within six months of the start of the obligation to insure, the pension company may, at maximum, double the normal pension premium, to what is considered a reasonable amount. When determining the payment, the length of the default period, its possible recurrence, and other similar factors are taken into account.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions monitors pension insurance by self-employed persons and may take out enforced insurance for the self-employed person. The enforced insurance is 30 per cent more expensive than regular insurance.